Ontario & International Structural Engineering Services

OSES Engineering provides structural engineering services and invented advanced multi-level wind farms to replace whole fossil fuels with cheaper green fuels and power; that for a variety of clients. OSES provides structural engineering services to those in government, industry, commerce, and housing.

To schedule a consultation, contact OSES Engineering to speak with an engineer regarding the needs of your planned or existing structure.

Our Services
Services are available to residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. These services include:

  • Structural engineering analysis and design for all types of small and mega structures.
  • Seismic Retrofits & Reinforcements
  • Design and retrofit using any of construction materials, concrete, steel, wood and masonry.
  • Retrofits & reinforcements of existing building
  • WETSS, A new tech for gigantic (5-50 GW) multi-level wind farms, occupy much smaller spaces.
  • Structural Investigation Reports
  • Build new structures and reinforce existing structures as general or sub-contractor.
  • Design and build special structures .
  • Feasibility Studies