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OSES Engineering – Your Ottawa Team of Structural Engineers

OSES Engineering offers nearly a full spectrum of structural engineering services to those in architecture, construction and land development in public and private sectors. Our Ottawa-based engineering firm provides cost-effective, custom structural designs, as well as seismic reinforcement, retrofit, and risk assessment services for existing structures throughout the world. OSES Engineering is also applying its engineering knowledge to take the next step in wind energy technology to satisfy the world’s energy needs with low-cost energy output.

Wind Energy’s Next Step
Our engineers specialize in Wind Energy Turbine Shell Station (WETSS) technology. The WETSS design significantly reduces issues of high cost, space requirements, operational noise, and eliminates the effects of fluctuations in wind speed. WETSS technology can be applied anywhere in the world.

On this website, we invite you to view the research OSES has conducted in the areas of wind energy technology and seismic isolation systems.